Go Consult Test Laboratory – Who they Are

Go Consultant “Jacques Smith” is our Out-sourced Independent Quality Consultant.

Go Consult has designed and implemented a Quality Control & Assessment Policy which helps to ensure “Strongbuild Cement” is constantly tested and proven to be above standard before the customer receives the product.

Having headed up the technical departments of three Readymix companies, so many situations and problems have had to be solved.
Go-Consult also has a laboratory where aggregate testing, mix designs and concrete testing can be done.

The service can be summarised as follows:

Material analyses and mix designs:
Doing aggregate testing for mix designs
Doing mix designs for Readymix companies and even for site batching operations
Process Control Testing:
Collecting concrete samples from site and making cubes in the laboratory for testing at 7 and 28 days
Analysing the results to assist with the quality control

Please contact our office should you wish to receive any of our Latest “Go Consult Laboratory Test Results” which have be conducted with “Strongbuild Cement”. We are confident these results will assist in giving you “Peace of Mind” when purchasing and using “Strongbuild Cement”.